Membership of this organisation is not based on any form of quality control of the chambers or individual barristers applying to join. Consequently we do not act as a referral agency for those seeking legal representation for appeals or CCRC applications and we cannot guarantee the quality of the work undertaken by any members of this association. Clearly any chambers or individual barrister joining CALA has an interest in and a commitment to appellate work. The chambers are listed with their website address and a list of barristers from that chambers who have joined individually or the contact name as the Chief Clerk. All chambers are in London unless otherwise stated.


2 Bedford Row
Michael Wolkind QC



Carmelite Chambers
Stephen Leake


Charter Chambers
Ian Payn



Doughty Street Chambers

Farhat Arskad

Paul Taylor

Rebecca Trowler


East Anglian Chambers
Simon Gladwell



Garden Court Chambers

Henry Blaxland QC



12 Old Square Chambers
Lanre Oke


Tooks Chambers
Peter Willcock
Martin Huseyin
Patrick Roche
Michael Magarian