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Past events:

Public Meeting at House of Commons and Proposed Private Members Bill

CALA held a public meeting at the House of Commons on 6th July 2011 at 6 p.m.

The topic for discussion was"The failure to compensate victims of miscarriages of justice - Time for government action".

The meeting was chaired by Lord Martin Thomas QC and included contributions from Tim Owen QC, Henry Blaxland QC

and Suzanne Holsdworth. Professor John Spencer QC LLD of University of Cambridge supported this meeting wrote an

open letter to Government which can be read here.

Following the meeting it was resolved to draft a private members Bill on the topic to get the compensation scheme

for victims of miscarriages of justice onto the agenda for discussion within Government.

A report of the meeting can be read here.


CALA Conference 2012

CALA held a conference on 21st April 2012 entitled Miscarriages of Justice: Who Cares?

The conference was held at the Methodist International Centre in Euston.

The speakers included Henry Blaxland QC, Edward Fitzgerald QC, Tim Owen QC, Professor John Spencer QC,

Richard Foster CBE (CCRC Chair), Dr Adrian Grounds and Steven Bird.