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About CALA

The Criminal Appeal Lawyers Association was formed in 2002 with a view to promoting better representation for those seeking to appeal their convictions and sentences.

What We Do

CALA is recognised for its collective experience in appellate matters:

CALA is a member of the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) court user group.


We intervened in the Supreme Court case of Nunn to provide assistance to the Court.


CALA organises conferences for lawyers, academics and others interested in appeal issues;


The association contributes to relevant policy development through contribution to consultations and liaison with legal agencies.


CALA has been invited to discussions with the Legal Aid Agency in relation to issues concerning the public funding of appeal work which engagement is on going.

The CALA committee meets quarterly and all members of CALA are welcome to attend the meetings which are advertised on this website.

CALA does not guarantee the quality of work of any of its members but those choosing to be a member of CALA show by that membership a commitment to appellate work.

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